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Smoothly stable source

Stable and fast source.
There is no bug.

24/7 friendly support

Fast and reliable support.
Fair enjoyable game.


Everyone in the game is equal and only vips and skins are sold for money.


We will continue to grow every day with the support of our players..

We are here for you.
We guarantee the best experience.
We removed the things you don't like from the game for you.

No Ninja. 4 Main Classes. No Cps. There are different weekly missions that are renewed every week. There are many activities you can do once a day. You can spend the points you earn from PK Events and other events.


Max Level

Weekly Events

Fruit Festival - 1st-7th of each month
Egg Event - 8th-14th of each month
Letters Quest - 15th-21th of each month
HuntingSeason - 22nd-28th of each month
VipEvent - 29nd-31st of each month

Old Quests

Skypass Quest, Meteor Tears, Ancient Devil, Rat Fang, SnakeKing, DisCity, MoonBox, BlueMouse, Captain Quest Jar, First Reborn Quest.
Note : Bluemouse %100 Fixed. 
Enjoy the fun with the multi-room blue mouse to give you a totally real experience

Daily Events

Holy Water - 3 times a day
Cursed Creature - once a day
MonsterWave - once a day
FindSeeds - once a day
Elemantal Symbols - once a day

PK Events

Elite PK Tornament, Penta War, Football

Freeze the war, Five(n)Out, Dragon War, KingOfTheHill, LastManStanding
Passthebomb, CouplesPKTournament 
Death Square, Meteor Shower, Infection
Vampire War, Halloween Infection

Special Events

ToughWei Quest - Hunting event for PhoenixCastle
Breeder Quest - Hunting event for ApeCity
Winni Quest - Hunting event for DesertCity
Cathy Quest - 
Hunting event for BirdIsland

Special PK EVENTS & GuildWar

PhoenixCastle GuildWar - 1st - 7th of each month
ApeCity GuildWar - 8th - 15th of each month
DesertCity GuildWar - 16th - 23th of each month
BirdIsland GuildWar - 24th - 31st of each month
CounterClock  Saturday - DeathMatch  Friday.
HungerGames Event - Class PK Tournament.
CaptureTheBag - TreasureBox - Spouse Event

Those who break the rules will be punished.
We must be respectful to each other.
What you shouldn't do ?

Insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing or generally objectionable statements.

Advertising content which is not related to the game or offering Conquer Online items for real money.

  • Statements that imply or incite a violation of the Conquer Online Rules.
  • Names that are insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related or generally objectionable.
  • Threatening a gamemaster because of his or her actions or position as a gamemaster.
  • Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations.
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Did you know that you can won Vip, Cosmetic Weapons and Garments from our Boss Events?
Big prizes are waiting for you, don't forget to attend Boss events



4 Main Classes
Each class has different features.
Would you like to enjoy Vip features?
CHOOSE A package
You can choose one of our campaigns.

Cosmetic Ticket

$ 6,99

  • Cosmetic Items for 1 Month

  • 1-Handed, 2-Handed, Shield, Bow

  • 1 Token 1 Cosmetic Item
  • You can take your cosmetic from Market

  • Can see Cosmetic ID's on our page.
    All monsters can drop Cosmetic Items
Buy Now

30 Day Vip

$ 9,99

  • Auto Pick-Up Items (Elite & Super)
  • Auto Pick-Up Dragonballs & Meteors
  • Auto Pick-up Gold from Monsters
  • Plus,Bless Item Coords with Effect 
  • A Slightly higher Droprate & Exp
    and more...
Buy Now

Monthly Garment & Cosm Package

$ 14,99

  • 5x Effect Garment Random
  • 5x Cosmetic Item Random
  • 3x Random No Effect Garment
  • 3x Classic Garment
  • 1x Cosmetic Item by class 

Buy Now

About Cosmetic Ticket

The items in this package are absolutely not permanent. All will be deleted automatically after 1 month of use.

About 30 Day Vip

Vip players can control what they want to collect. Can see Drop notifications. Can use some extra commands. Can see drop effects.

About Monthly Garment & Cosmetic Package

The items in this package are absolutely not permanent. All will be deleted automatically after 1 month of use.