Treasure Box

TreasureBox Event

Howdy! As you have probably noticed, monsters have invaded our world and they stole some of those treasures were lost and we are organizing expedition's to find them every day. Beware though, Monsters have corrupted some of the treasures and you might find something and won't like!

Treasure hunt expeditions are being held everyday on two different schedules!

 You can use /times command. Beware tho, some of them and traps

Duration: Every day. (time)

Requirement: any level .

ObjectiveCollect Points from TreasureChest . 

Rewards1,55kk Gold, 100 Points / MeteorScroll, 50 Points / DragonBall, 150 Points / MoonBox, 350 Points   Random Garment, 400 Points / Random +1 Item non weapon, 150 Points / Random +2 Item non weapon 400 Points 


1. Once you find a TreasureChest you'll receive Treasure Points Which can be exchanged for awesome rewards Suck as Meteors or DragonBalls later on.

2. If you capture a legit TreasureChest you'll receive 1 Treasure Point. IfIf you capture a TreasureTrap you'll lose two. 

3. If you capture TreasureChest you'll have the chance of winning 2 Treasure Points and the small chance of winning 5, However, There's also a chance you'll lose 2 Treasure Points!

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