Team Spirit

TeamSpirit [Birdman Teaming Quest]

you can win nice rewards by helping low-level players. Our newcomers need help. you have to help a new player every day. your kindness will no go unrequired when there are a less than level 100 players in your team. you must kill 5.000 Birdman monsters 

Duration: Every day [once a day].

Requirement: Any Level.

Objective: Kill 5,000 Birdman for new player.

NPC: TwinCity (Capella, 351,320)

Quest Rules

1. You should not have the same ip address of the team mate.
2. The new player's level must be below level 100.
3. You have to kill 5000 birdman.
4. The new player must be with you for your kills to be counted.
5. You can do it once a day.

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