Monster Wave
Monster Wave

Wave Quest

Do you want to join a tournament? A good opportunity to test your strength.Each next floor monster will get a little stronger and will start to deal more damage to you. Good luck you should be careful.

Duration: Every day

Requirement: Any Level

Objective: Collect Points by passing Stages at the Wave map with killing the Monsters.

NPC: TwinCity ElderDon (365.316)


1. 5 Meteors (F), 50 Points.

2. DragonBall (F), 300 Points.

3. MoonBox (F), 350 Points.

4. Random Garment (F), 500 Points.

5. Random CosmToken, 1500 Points.

6. Random +1 Item non Weappon, 350 Points.

7. Random +2 item non weapon, 750 Points.

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