Archer BOT

Imperial Archer BOT

Imperial CO Archer BOT

Hello. We Made this ArcherBOT available to help our players. When you enter here, the Bot will help you up to level 110, You have only 1 right and cannot enter again.Therefore, We recommend that Choice correctly.

Duration: One time Per Device/Computer

Requirement: Level 0-110O

objective:   Helping new players up to level 110

NPC : Archer-BOT TwinCity (353.320)

System Hits:

a-It helps you up to level 110.

b-A maximum of 5 players can join the team at the same time.

c-You can only try 1 time.

d-After you reach level 110, you will be automatically kicked from the team.

e-When teleporting to a different map, you will be kicked out of the team.

f-After entering the map, you can enter the map whenever you want up to level 110.

g-In this way, you don't have to be afraid of got dc.

h-Whichever character you have used your right to try, you can only enter it with that character untill 110 level.

i-It checks players Mac address, ip address and hardware id.

j-There is no question of abuse. You don't have to worry.

k-Your health is constantly renewed.

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