Holy Water
Holy Water

HolyWater Quest

I need 5x Holy Water to the plants. Can you find some water for me? Water is hard to find, now it's sold on the black market. Someone named MuXuan is selling secretly in the DesertCity find him.(532,590). You need to find him for me.

Duration: Every day [Once a day]

Requirement: Any Level.

Objective: Buy Waters from MuXuan at Desertcity and deliver it to ZiGui to enter the secret Garden and Deliver it to HanFei. and repeat that cycle 5 Times

NPC: ZiGui TwinCity (374.316), MuXuan DesertCity (530.592), HanFei QuestMap (021.039).

Rewards: Medium Rate Prizes.


1. Ask ZiGui TwinCity (374.316) to start the Quest.

2. Find MuXuan DesertCity (530.592) and Buy HolyWater for 5,000 Silvers.

3. Back to ZiGui TwinCity (374.316) and tell here I have Holy water the enter the secret Garden.

4. Once you on the Quest map  Find HanFei (021.039)Click on I have Holy water.

5. The previous Cycle counted as 1 you should repeat it 4 times and on the 5th time Deliver the Holy water to HanFei then ask him for the reward.

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