GuildWar BOSS

GuildWar Boss

Something weird has happened in the Arena, recently. Many warriors have entered the Arena looking for adventure, but most of them never come back out, again… Someone managed to escape from the last expedition, and has related tales of a horrible demon that seduces men and eats them! This evil Snow Banshee has hidden in the Arena for some time, and has killed numerous people… Now, we need heroes to slay the horrible demon and help restore peace to the Arena's Map.

Boss Walkthrough 

1. Go to the Arena (50.50) Within the GW Boss Event Time and eliminate the Snow Banshee. She has very powerful attacks and high defense, so make sure you’re prepared! Watch out for her destructive skills! 

2. Items will drop after the Snow Banshee has been killed. Besides, you and your Guild mates.

The Snow Banshee uses her mighty skills to cover the whole cave with a thick layer of ice and snow! Watch out!

Arrow Hail, Ice Burst, Ice Shock, Avalanche… The Snow Banshee launches powerful attacks towards you, again and again. Be careful! This fight won’t be anything to sneeze at!

This video was recorded by our players.

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