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Imperial Conquer being a classic server means that you will have to actually spend some time working our for your gears and characters. Therefore, we generally recommend our players to choose the Archer as their first character. As an Archer you will be able to hunt all over the world and find goodies that will surely help you improve your equipment and server as a startingbase for you.
Once you have your character created you’ll then be sent to Twin City, where you will be able to speak to the Guide NPC and find out more about our server as well. In case you haven’t found a team you can also head to famous maps as Bird Island or the Advanced Zone (AlientSerpents & Basilisks – Daniel near the Guild war NPC) as people will most-likely be leveling characters there. Note: You must speak to FreeExpPotion at Twin City center and ask him for double experience – he’ll give you an hour of double experience while you’re below level 70.
Once you find yourself someone to level you, it is time to start thinking about getting yourself an alt account and leave it inside the Mine cave. It won’t directly help you leveling but the extra gold you can get for selling gold ores and the gems you will get while mining that can be used to get meteors from the Blue Mouse Quest will really help you out getting started early in the game. Note: You can also obtain DragonBalls and Super Gems while mining which will be a great help if you find any.
Now that you have probably leveled yourself a bit, the next thing you must be thinking of is how you’ll get yourself some equipment to start with. Class promotions will grant you some starting items so make sure you don’t forget to promote yourself as soon as possible. Level 15 promotion will award you a L15 Refined Set of items while level 40 and 70 promotions will award you an Unique Set of items. Once you got these items you should start hunting for some Meteors, DragonBalls and +1 items which can be either used to improve your equipment or sold to other players to gather some gold. Make sure you learn Scatter and try choosing the spawn where you can hunt as better as possible – spawns like the Robins in Twin City, the Bandits at Phoenix Castle or MinMacaques at Ape City secondary maps are the ones we usually recommend our players to start hunting at as there’s a plenty amount of monters and they’re weak enough for you to kill them with Scatter.
If you have followed all of these steps you are in the right path to become a real conqueror in the server. By now you should start looking at all the guides we have in this page and understand what quests and events you and make and join to continue progressing in the game. As an archer your next step would be heading to the Labyrinth and level yourself from there. Great adventures, battles and friends are surely waiting for you ingame so enough of reading and lets get it started. Imperial Conquer counts on you to become a legend and defeat everyone else, make sure you don’t let us down.