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You can download and install Classic Conquer using the following download link. Once downloaded, simply install and run the game from the new desktop shortcut.
Imperial Classic Client 390 MB ;
Google Drive

Download this if you're having issues starting the game.

Visual C++ Runtimes All-in-one
Imperial Launcher

Configure Settings

(1) To choose your FPS

(2) To set your screen resolution

(3) Add / Remove VIP Effects

(4) Add / Remove All Effects

(5) Add / Remove Gem Effects

(6) Disable / Enable Message Box

(7) Disable / Enable Super Items Loot

(8) Disable / Enable Elite Items Loot

(9) Disable / Enable Event Items Loot

(10) Disable / Enable Bless Items Loot

(11) Disable / Enable Plus Items Loot

(12) To set FullScreen Automatic

(13) Change to Server  PH/EU/CROSS

(14) Add/Remove Effects