Cosmetic Items

Cosmetics Items 

Now, Cosmetics are used in Imperial Conquer to change the Look of your weapons' for Limited period, Effected Permanent Garments Or Monthly Pack Or VIP Cards

Choose You Cosmetics:-

 From Store Menu you have Such Options to Choose from (Click on item to Direct Access) .

a. Cosmetics Weapon.

b. Classic Garments.

c. Garment-1

d. Garment-2

e. Garment-3

f. Garment-4

Credit Your Cosmetics Card:-

1. Login your account to the Imperial CO Website 

2. Access Store Section from Account's Dashboard.

3. Buy Which Package you would like. 

Receive You Package 

1. after you credit your package from the Imperial CO Website login to your account from Imperial Game Client.

2. Find PrizeNPC (Market, 212.188) to claim. You can claim one Purchase per time.

3. Use CostumerChen (Market, 183.210) For Garments Claim. And Editor (Market 181.199) For Weapons Claim.

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