1St Reborn Quest
Reborn Quest

First Rebirth

When there are no new skills left to learn, no regions left to conquer and no monsters left to challenge, it is time to be reborn.

What is First Rebirth? First Rebirth is like reincarnation. Your character is born again as whatever class you like.
However, memories of previous life linger, granting you additional powers, skills and abilities from your old class.

Reborn characters are much more powerful than newborns, with more defense, higher abilities, better skills and visual glamour.

When can I be reborn? Archers, Trojans, Warriors and Fire Taoists can have First rebirth after they reach level 120.
Water Taoists, who are more spiritually enlightened than others, can have 1st First rebirth at level 110 - they have led a more fulfilling life, and are ready to be reborn at a younger age.

Why be reborn? The best reason to be reborn is obvious -to play the game again! But you'll also be able to try out a host of interesting skills and abilities, available only to reborn characters.

First Rebirth Requirements

Are you powerful enough to get reborn? And how do you get reborn?

At what level you can be reborn depends on what class you are.
For most classes, the required level to be reborn is 120. However, Water Taoist can have first rebirth when they reach level 110, because they have greater spiritual awareness than the others and they always heal and cure instead of destroying.

What if I'm level 130?
You can be reborn at level 120 or above. And if you are reborn at level 121+, you will get more bonus attributes points (55 at most) after rebirth.

First Reborn Quest

Items required:
Celestial Stone: Made from a bottle of Clean Water and 7 normal gems (a Phoenix, Dragon, Moon, Rainbow, Violet, Fury and Kylin respectively).

NPCs: Celestine, Central Plain (365,92), Eternity, Dreamland (121,191)

Monsters: Water Lords on Adventure Islands: They are the Lords of Water Devils and may drop Clean Water.


  1. Prepare 7 normal gems and a bottle of Clean Water. You can dig gems from Mine Cave. And get Clean Water from Water Lord in Adventure Islands.
  2. Take them to Celestine in Central Plain. He`ll use your gems and Clean Water to make a Celestial Stone for you.
  3. Take the Celestial Stone to Eternity. He will help you get reborn. You can select a new profession, change the size of your character and claim a Super Gem.

Advantages of First Rebirth

  1. After the rebirth, you will receive a 30 attribute point award (10 points will be allotted to the status automatically, that cannot be re-allotted; the other 20 points can be allotted).
    Furthermore, additional attribute points (AAP) up to 55 will be awarded if you reborn at a higher level. Please refer to the table below:
LevelAdditional Attribute Points For
Water Taoist
LevelAdditional Attribute Points For
TrojanWarriorArcherFire Taoist
  1. Gain a unique weapon with hidden abilities. There is a random chance that each weapon will activate the following abilities:
    Trojan and Warrior: Poison the target
    Archer: Increase your defense
    Fire Taoist: Regain 310 HP
    Water Taoist: Regain 310 mana
  2. Your reborn character starts from level 15.
  3. All equipped items will be reduced to low level after rebirth.
  4. Besides some spells you have learned, you will learn some new spells.
  5. Distribute your attribute points as you like. System won't do it for you any more.
  6. After your reborn character reaches level 70, you can wear any gear under level 70 (no profession limit) and you can redistribute your attribute points at your will.
  7. At the level 70 promotion, your defense will be increased by 30%.
  8. At level 100 promotion, you will receive a unique socket gear and a normal Rainbow Gem.

First Reborn - Magic & Skills

What skills are retained after you get reborn and what more skills can you learn?

As soon as you get reborn, you will have the following spells (as listed in the tables below), newly learnt or learnt before rebirth. Besides, every profession can learn different Summon Spells.
Reborn professions can learn the spells of their own as mortal professions do. If they have learned a spell before rebirth, and this spell is at certain level, they can resume this level as soon as they practice this spell to half of this level.

Trojan gets reborn to
TrojanCruel Shade (Cost stamina to make your enemy lose 20% HP)
WarriorCyclone, Spirit Healing, Iron Shirt (XP skill. After you cast it, your defense will increase by quadruple within 20 seconds.)
Fire TaoistCyclone, Spirit Healing, Robot
Water TaoistCyclone, Spirit Healing, Robot
ArcherCyclone, Spirit Healing
Warrior gets reborn to
WarriorReflect (transfer the damage done on you to the attacker)
TrojanAccuracy, Roar and Flying Moon
Fire TaoistShield and Roar
Water TaoistSuperman, Shield and Roar
ArcherShield and Roar
Archer gets reborn to
ArcherUse Freezing Arrow (It works randomly and makes the target stop attacking within a certain period)
WarriorEquip Low level bows and arrows, poisonous arrows
TrojanEquip Low level bows and arrows, poisonous arrows
Fire TaoistEquip Low level bows and arrows, poisonous arrows
Water TaoistEquip Low level bows and arrows, poisonous arrows
Fire Taoist gets reborn to
Fire TaoistDodge (Increase dodge within certain period)
TrojanThunder, Fire, Cure and Meditation
WarriorThunder, Fire, Cure and Meditation
Water TaoistFire Circle
ArcherThunder, Fire, Cure and Meditation
Water Taoist gets reborn to
Water TaoistPervade (It costs stamina. After you cast it and stand still, you can continue attacking your enemies within certain range)
WarriorCure, Star of Accuracy, Magic Shield, Stigma and Meditation
TrojanCure, Star of Accuracy, Magic Shield, Stigma and Meditation
Fire TaoistRevive (XP skill), AdvancedCure, Invisibility and Healing Rain
ArcherCure, Invisibility, Magic Shield, Stigma and Meditation

First Reborn - Summon

You can summon guards and monsters after you get reborn, but where and how to learn them and what do they do for you?

Reborn characters can learn summon spells from Mighty Tao in Job Center (66,33).
There are 6 kinds of summon spells. They can learn Summon Guard at level 15 (A Euxenite Ore is needed), and learn a specific summon spell after level 40 (a Gold Ore is required).
All the summon spells will need full stamina or XP to be used.

Summon Guards (Learned at Level 15):

All Classes

NameHPDamageDefenseDexterityDodgeMagical Defense
Iron Guard10000148405100450
Copper Guard20000269707100550
Silver Guard350004761505100650
Gold Guard600006461608100750

Summon Monsters (Learned at Level 40):

Reborn Trojan - Summon Bloody Bat (Consume Stamina)

Skill LevelNameCharacter LevelHPMagical AttackPhysical DefenseDexterityDodge
0Evil Bat A403000145010030
1Evil Bat B70600030-5020010040
2Evil Bat C1001500050-9080010050
3Evil Bat DFixed6000070-130150010060

Reborn Warrior - Summon Fire Evil (Consume Stamina)

Skill LevelNameCharacter LevelHPMagical AttackPhysical DefenseDexterityDodge
0Fire Rat A403000165010050
1Fire Rat B7060006030010060
2Fire Rat C10015000130100010070
3Fire Rat DFixed30000400200010080

Reborn Archer - Summon Skeleton (Consume Stamina)

Skill LevelNameCharacter LevelHPMagical AttackPhysical DefenseDexterityDodge
0Skeleton A4010000145010050
1Skeleton B702000030-5020010060
2Skeleton C1003500050-90150010070
3Skeleton DFixed6000070-130200010080

Reborn Fire Taoist - Summon Bat (Consume XP)

Skill LevelNameCharacter LevelHPMagical AttackPhysical DefenseDexterityDodge
0Ghost Bat403000285010050
1Fast Bat7060006620010060
2Swift Bat1001500019580010070
3Magic BatFixed30000448150010080

Reborn Water Taoist - Summon Bat Boss (Consume XP)

Skill LevelNameCharacter LevelHPMagical AttackPhysical DefenseDexterityDodge
0Ghost Bat Boss401000028501000
1Fast Bat Boss7020000662001000
2Swift Bat Boss100350001958001000
3Magic Bat BossFixed6000044815001000

First Reborn Promotion

Reborn characters can reallot their attribute points at the cost of a DragonBall after they reach level 70. But you should reallot it properly because there are attribute points requirements when you go for a promotion at Job Center.

The table below lists attribute point requirements for reborn characters to promote there job title.

Veteran Trojan6025250
Tiger Trojan11042450
Dragon Trojan15560920
Trojan Master170651000
Brass Warrior8025220
Silver Warrior14045320
Gold Warrior20560420
Warrior Master22565470
Eagle Archer2590120
Tiger Archer45150220
Dragon Archer60215320
Archer Master68235340
Fire/Water Taoist0252280
Fire/Water Wizard04532140
Fire/Water Master06042205
Fire/Water Saint06547225

Note: Some Level 115-130 Weapons require different attribute point distribution.

Level 120 Weapons RequirementsStrengthAgilityVitalitySpirit
1hander/2hander weapon176000

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